Integrated Automation System

Automation  is  the  operation  of  the  irrigation  system  with  minimum  or  no  manual interventions. There are different levels of integration based on the requirements.  Mostly, these are customized solutions on case to case basis. Such integration is possible for new projects and the existing irrigation systems also.

Types of Automation 

Every field, crop, soil has different water requirements and  parameters  for  control. The automation systems are used to irrigate in sequence. Such type of irrigation sequencing is possible in different ways, depending on the type of the system.

These are: 

•    Time based system

•    Volume based system

•    Sensor based system

Time based systems

•    Time of operation is calculated according to the volume of water required   and the average flow rate of water.

•    Start time of the program is to be specified by the user. When the program start time matches with the current system time, the controller send signal and activates the pump and the first water valve in the sequence.

• The valve is operated for the specified duration only.Then the next valve (if any) is operated; or    else the program is terminated as per the specified conditions.

•    The same process is repeated for all the sequences.

•    These are most simple systems.

•    Relatively simple to design & use.

•    Ease of installation.

•    Cheaper than sensor systems.

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